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Why is lymph drainage important?

Lymph drainage therapy was initially developed in Europe. A 1930's hospital study of 20,000 patients...click here to continue

What conditions respond to lymphatic drainage therapy?

~Ear, Nose and Throat
~Cosmetic Procedures

How can I schedule an appointment?

Hours are by appointment only. In home visits are available for an additional fee. For more information...click here .

Most important of all is experience. I have over 20 years experience in the field of massage therapy. I have worked in all areas of massage from spas to my main interest ,the medical profession. I have continued to educate myself throughout my career acquiring at least 100 hours a year. The more I learn the more I need to know. I have taught anatomy and physiology, Lymphatic Drainage (L.D.T.) and massage therapy. After years of practicing neuro muscular therapy and myofacial release, both of which are deep tissue techniques and extremely hard on arms and hands, I was looking for something a little less stressful on my body.

Five years ago I attended a class on L.D.T. after learning that this modality uses only 5 grams of pressure I thought that I just wasted a lot of time and money. What could 5 grams of pressure do? I was amazed at what 5 grams of pressure can do! I was so impressed that I finished the rest of my training the same year. L.D.T. has been prescribed for over 60 different ailments in Europe for many years. Everyone that is scheduled for surgery is treated with L.D.T. to cleanse the lymphatic system and to prepare the body by boosting the amount of lymph, in turn increasing the body’s ability to fight off infection. In Europe they have been treating cancer in various ways with L.D.T. to relieve the discomfort of radiation and chemotherapy.

In 1996 I lost my mother to cancer. Watching her suffer the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, I felt completely helpless. If only I’d taken L.D.T. sooner I could have helped her with everything from relieving the nausea and listlessness, to the aches and pains that the chemo cocktail creates. L.D.T. is instrumental in radiation therapy. It is used to keep the tissues innervated with a fresh supply of lymphatic fluid in turn helping the body purge the residuals of the radiation and to keep the skin from burning. In the last 5 years I have successfully treated hundreds of cancer patients using these techniques. I have experimented with L.D.T. in many different ways with extraordinary results. I have helped people with breathing problems from Asthma to Pulmonary Fibrosis by draining the lungs and by releasing the muscles of the rib cage. It allows for a greater intake of oxygen. I have also had phenomenal results in the stimulation and regeneration of skin on burn victims.

Another interest of mine is the use of L.D.T. in cosmetic and all surgery, from the immediate reduction of swelling and bruising to the reduction or elimination of scar tissue the #1 cause of complication after surgery. I could go on and on about the benefits of L.D.T. I would be more than happy to answer any and all questions that you might have.

Please call me at my contact number: (314) 651-8151 or at my Email: eric@freukes.com.

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